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Environmental Policy At Blue Sky Design & Print, we’re famous for recognising it’s the finer details in printing that make the difference – and that doesn’t end with perfection on the job.

Each project we undertake is carefully thought out to ensure the impact we have on this beautiful planet is minimised, or, where possible, actually positive.

Of course we do the basics like recommending and using FSC stocks, bio inks and chemical free plate making.

It also goes without saying that we recycle everything we possibly can (including all paper, carboard, metal and milk bottles!).

But, as with anything we do, our envornmental policy is taken to a much finer point.

We’re doing our utmost to ensure our carbon footprint is nothing more than a tiptoe, using policies including everything from:

  • securing south-facing premises to replace electrical light with natural whenever possible, as well as using the natural heat and air to dry our inks, to
  • operating an almost paperless administration system, to
  • combining client visits with other deliveries to minimise fuel use, to
  • insulating our suspended office ceilings, to
  • re-using and repairing, rather than replacing where possible, and even
  • having a strict ‘refill pouches only’ policy when it comes to buying tea and coffee!

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